Reviews of Backyard Garden

“These Earthworm folk write and sing earworms, delightfully catchy tunes that stick to one’s consciousness even after the record finishes playing. Kids’ll love it–and almost as importantly, so will their parents.”

           ~ Michael Simmons (MOJO, The Huffington Post)


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Earthworm Ensemble / “Backyard Garden”

You can stay perfectly clean listening to this CD about having fun with dirt. Earthworm Ensemble’s song titles reflect their green-living philosophy: “Backyard Garden,” “Compost,” “Chicken Coop,” “Reduce Reuse Recycle.” The songs themselves reflect a high level of musicianship and a nice variety of musical styles. “Invisible Wind” has a complex feel reminiscent of Steeleye Span. “I Didn’t Give Up” backs inspirational lyrics with a hand-clapping “yeah yeah” beat. “Compost” has an infectious twangy sound. This CD adheres to my first rule of a great kindie CD:  make good music first. Do good works second. The musical range of this CD packs a great lyrical wallop.



“A great band with killer guitar hooks.”  — J. Poet (SF Weekly, Pulse, Bay Guardian)


Recommended for:  Backyard Gardeners, Tree Huggers, Toddler Tracks, Preschool Poppers, School Age Rockers.  In honor of Earth Day (a day that’s close to my heart), today I’m bringing you a nature-centric album from the acclaimed Earthworm Ensemble.  Backyard Garden is the second release from this band and it’s what I’d call a down-home celebration of the backyard.  Earthworm Ensemble has a sweet, homey, happy sound that gently guides families through 13 original songs about respecting earth and its creatures.  Several of the topics on this album make for great family discussions about ecology.  Music with responsibility, I like that.  Standout tracks include “Bees Make Honey” (following the path of honey creation), “Invisible Wind” (a moment to stop and breathe, my personal favorite), and “Chicken Coop” (honoring backyard chickens).  I enjoyed Earthworm Ensemble not only for their message, but for the sheer quality of their sound.  If you like outdoor festival type music and a little bit of acoustic guitar plucking, then you’re bound to enjoy Backyard Garden.