Earthworm Ensemble is music for kids and parents, with some of Los Angeles’s best folk/country artists–members of I See Hawks In L.A., Mike Stinson, The Chapin Sisters, and Zachariah–singing and playing fiddle, dobro, guitars, ukulele, and steel.  

Our live show and our brand new CD “Backyard Garden” feature Sherri and Shawn Nourse, Victoria Jacobs and Paul Lacques, and Denny Moynahan, aka King Kukulele. We’re calling it family music, because parents like our music as much as their kids do. 

We like to talk with our audiences about the ideas in the songs:  buffalo migration, ladybugs, raising chickens, composting and recycling, and taking the train to the farmers’ markets.  And we always ask the question: what can we all do to help our planet stay green?

We also sing about the earthworm’s role in the plant cycle; how to make pizza from scratch (check out our video); we sing about birds, walking in the woods, and  even a mythical superhero team of Bear and Dog  who’ve come to save the planet!

Song styles are on the country/folk side, with old timey fiddle and jawharp, but we also throw in some psychedelic California sounds, some country  rock guitar,  New Orleans second line drumming, and once in a while some hip hop beats.

With over a million online listens, our debut CD has gotten a great  response — check out our reviews — and  you  can  also order  the CD here.  Our new CD comes out in April 2015.

Earthworm  Ensemble  was  started  by  Shawn  and  Sherri  Nourse.  Sherri sang songs to their  3 year old  son Nolan (who’s now 10!), and Shawn decided to start recording them.  Sherri’s a singer songwriter, and Shawn is one of the best drummers in Los Angeles.   He played with Dwight Yoakam and plays with I See Hawks In L.A.

The  Nourses were soon joined by Paul Lacques of the Hawks and his wife  Victoria Jacobs, and then on the first CD by  other  Hawks:  Paul Marshall,  Brantley Kearns, David Jackson, Jr. and Rob Waller.  Then some of our favorite country and folk musicians joined in:  Mike Stinson sings about corn,  Zachariah does the high speed pizza rap, The Chapin Sisters add their angelic harmonies, and David Jackson sings about the buffalo family.  David has the lowest voice we’ve ever heard — he  might even be a buffalo.

We live in Los Angeles, California.  You can find us on the Segerstrom Center for the Arts roster playing school shows all year round.  We sing at Southern California folk clubs like McCabes, rock clubs like The Echo, The Skirball Center, Kidspace, and festivals all over Southern  California.  Every few years you can find us at Stagecoach country music festival in Coachella. Someday soon we’ll come to your town too!

contact us:

Shawn — shawnnourse [at]  

Paul — lacques [at]


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